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Our Eye Care Services Include:

- Comprehensive Eye Exams

- Ocular Disease Diagnosis,

  and Treatment

- Cataract Evaluation

- Glaucoma Evaluation and


- Ocular Infection Treatment

- Eye Trauma

- Dry Eye & Allergy-Related

 Symptom Relief

- Retinal Photography for

  evaluation of Retinal Diseases

  without dilation

- Visual Fields -  For  Glaucoma

  &  Neurological problems

We offer comprehensive eye care services, including examinations, ocular disease diagnosis and treatment. From simple nearsightedness and farsightedness to glaucoma treatment, we are equipped to help you understand and deal with most eye conditions and diseases.


Our optometrists, assisted by experienced Ophthalmic Technicians, will be here to insure that all of your eye health needs are met.


When your condition will necessitate more specialized care, we offer a strong referral service.




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